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FashionNova.com Review

FashionNova.com Review

Disclaimer: All my opinions are my own. I was not asked by FashionNova.com to create this review. 

What immediately attracted me to FashionNova.com was their flashy (and seemingly never-ending) Instagram posts. Every time I’d open Instagram, FashionNova.com had a cute new arrival popping up on my screen so I of course had to check out their website for review purposes of course (haha)!

Clothing Price

Scrolling through FashionNova.com, it’s impossible not to find a piece that you love at a price that can’t be beat! My first visit, I filled my cart with two dresses, two bodysuits, a u-bra, and two pairs of the best jeans on planet Earth (more on this magical denim later) for less than $150! Their prices are amazing! Not to mention, FashionNova.com is almost always featuring a discount code or sale.

Clothing Quality

So let’s talk about these jeans! FashionNova.com carries jeans from one of my favorite brands (GJG Denim) as well as several other amazing brands.These jeans are tailored to accentuate all the best curves on a woman’s body. When I put on these jeans, I’ve got hips, booty, and legs for days! Besides that, I have owned these jeans for three years now (and wear them at least once a week). They are still going strong without damage, tears, or fading!

Besides the jeans, all of the clothing, shoes, and accessories I’ve purchased from FashionNova.com stand the test of time (and my fiance accidentaly putting delicate clothes in the dryer).

Shipping Price

FashionNova.com offers free 2-day shippng for all orders of $75 or more. Orders under $75 have an $8 shipping fee. Being a small business owner myself, I’m impressed and happy with these shipping prices! It’s part of the reason I visit FashionNova.com so often.

Shipping Time

As previously mentioned, all orders over $75 receive free 2-day shipping. Because I often save up and binge shop when I visit FashionNova.com, I usually end up spending upwards of $120 so I take advantage of the free shipping option. Even during a heavy storm and a holiday weekend, I still received my order within two business days! Excellent shipping time!

Customer Service

The customer service is just all-around amazing! They keep me updated with my order(s) sending order confirmations, shipment notifications, and delivery notifications! On top of that, the returns are simple and easy. I returned three dresses that were too big for me and quickly received my store credit without any extra hassle.

Would I Recommend?

As you can probably already tell, I am a BIG fan of FashionNova.com! I’ve become such an addict, I’m able to recognize their models and photo backdrops when I’m scrolling through Pinterest! I would definitely recommend this site to anyone looking for affordable, stylish, on-trend clothing. I love this site so much, I even have my Mom shopping here!

If you’d like to suggest any online stores for me to review, please comment below.


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